OTAA Khaki Twill Stripe Linen Skinny Tie

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Linen Skinny Tie by OTAA

Traditionally tailored by hand and cut with today's gentlemen in mind, this Khaki Twill Stripe Linen Skinny Tie exudes sleek sophistication. This trim piece comes in a handsome Khaki Twill texture made from pure linen. A patterned silk pocket chief and leather monk strap shoes will complete a debonair outfit. 

This impeccably textured solid Khaki Twill Stripe Linen Skinny Tie is the ultimate staple for fall and winter. OTAA's Khaki Twill Stripe Linen Thin Tie is flawless in its simplistic universality. Made of linen, there couldn't be a more appropriate pairing for the colder months than this skinny tie.

  • 145 cm length of Skinny Tie
  • 6 cm widest point
  • 3.5 cm narrowest point
  • Dry clean
  • Hand made
  • 100% Linen
  • Matte Finish
  • Crafted from Natural Linen Fibers