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OTAA - Christmas Island Crab Socks

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The Brothers at OTAA don’t discriminate when it comes to crustaceans, and that’s why these Christmas Islands Crab Socks are a knock-out. The crab likes to spend its days hanging out on the beach, not dissimilar to us on holidays. That’s why these Christmas Island Crab Socks make the perfect choice for your island getaway styles. If you don’t have the luxury of taking them on vacation, that’s fine too. Wear it to the boardroom for a carefree look - your boss will love it! Soon you’ll be working from a hammock and replacing your coffees with coconuts. 


The Christmas Islands Crab Socks pair turquoise and red together to give you light and breezy pop of colour. Finely crafted from a combed cotton material, these socks are embossed with a cutting-edge 200 needle stitch to give you effortless comfort and style for any occasion. Designed exclusively by the Brothers at OTAA. 


Socks Code: SOCK-065



EUR 42-46
UK M 7½-11½
UK W 7-11
US M 8-12
US W 10-12½
JPN 25-27

60% Cotton
32% Acrylic
3% Polyamide 
2% Elastane

Combed Cotton Material
200 Needle Socks

Base Color: Turquoise, Black, Red