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OTAA - Bond Black White Polka Dot Socks

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These Bond Black White Dot Socks provide a quirky take on a staple item that's guaranteed to liven up your assemblage. It takes a Bond-like character to pay attention to the smaller details of an outfit, and with the dotted features of these socks, all that's left needed is a martini in-hand. The black background plays an ideal host to the white dots that are embossed throughout. These Bond Black White Dot Socks are finely crafted from combed cotton material with a comfortable 200 needle stitch to complete your look with the utmost finesse.


Socks Code: SOCK-083



EUR 42-46
UK M 7½-11½
UK W 7-11
US M 8-12
US W 10-12½
JPN 25-27

60% Cotton
32% Acrylic
3% Polyamide 
2% Elastane

Combed Cotton Material
200 Needle Socks

Base Color: Black, White